1.1 - Common Analytic Functions in ML Engine and Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Vantage

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Teradata Vantage
May 2020
User Guide
These analytic functions are available on both ML Engine and Advanced SQL Engine:
  • Antiselect
  • Attribution
  • DecisionForestPredict
  • DecisionTreePredict
  • GLMPredict
  • MovingAvg
  • NaivebayesPredict
  • NaiveBayesTextClassifierPredict
  • NGramSplitter
  • nPath
  • Pack
  • Sessionize
  • StringSimilarity
  • SVMSparsePredict
  • Unpack

They have common syntax and generate similar results. The analytic functions in Advanced SQL Engine are expected to run with better performance because they are native to the database.

To run a function on Advanced SQL Engine, use this syntax:
SELECT * FROM function_name ( ...

See Teradata Vantage™ - Advanced SQL Engine Analytic Functions, B035-1206.

To run a function on ML Engine, you must append "_MLE" to the ML Engine function name specified in ML Engine Analytic Function Mapping:
SELECT * FROM function_name_MLE ( ...
NTree and nPath are exceptions. You must append "@coprocessor" to these function names:
SELECT * FROM nPath@coprocessor ( ...

See Teradata Vantage™ Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference, B700-4003.