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July 2021
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Although applications, including Teradata applications, may execute concurrently with Vantage on approved system platforms, it might negatively impact the database throughput and response time performance and availability.

Teradata strongly recommends that you do not run applications concurrently that are large consumers of system resources, such as other databases, without understanding the performance and availability impact to both the applications and Vantage.

By default, the memory allocation algorithms are based on Vantage using 100% of the memory on a node. If other applications use a significant amount of node memory, you may need to add memory and you should adjust the option controlling this percentage. For these reasons, avoid running non-Teradata applications on nodes running Vantage, if possible, as shown in the following table:
Software Type Runs on Nodes that Run on Vantage? Considerations
Non-Teradata applications No Run on nodes that do not run Vantage, so that:
  • Expected throughput, expected response time, and parallel efficiency are not impacted.
  • Detrimental impact on the system is reduced.
  • Problems can be more easily isolated.
  • Fixes needed by one application can be made without having to apply them to nodes that do not need those fixes, or for which those fixes are detrimental.
Teradata applications and Teradata client software Yes Run on nodes that run Vantage if the software:
  • Puts a very small load on a system.
  • Evenly distributes the workload across the nodes.
  • Is used periodically for system maintenance.
  • Has an impact that is well-understood and acceptable.
Even if applications are run on separate non-TPA nodes, they may still share the BYNET and thereby potentially interfere with Vantage.