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Aster Analytics
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September 2017
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If the function uses a dictionary table, dictionary model, or CRF model file, specify them with the ModelTable, ModelTag, and InstalledFile arguments of AMLGenerator. If you specify no tables, the function uses the default embedded dictionaries for English or Chinese text.

Example 1: Chinese

ModelTable ('crf_model_file')
ModelTag ('CRF')
InstalledFile ('true')

Example 2: Chinese

ModelTable ('crf_model_file', 'dict_table', 'dict_file')
ModelTag ('CRF', 'DICT', 'DICT')
InstalledFile ('true', 'false', 'true')

Example 3: English or Japanese

CRF file is not supported.

ModelTable ('dict_table', 'dict_file')
ModelTag ('DICT', 'DICT')
InstalledFile ('false', 'true')