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September 2017
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The NeuralNetPredict call must use the same argument values that were used in the NeuralNet call that created the model for the following arguments: InputColumns, HiddenLayers, WeightTable, NumOutputs, and GroupByColumns. In this example, only InputColumns and HiddenLayers are applicable.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS nn_bc_predict;

CREATE TABLE nn_bc_predict DISTRIBUTE BY hash(samplecode) AS
SELECT * FROM NeuralNetPredict (
  ON breast_cancer_test AS testdata PARTITION BY ANY
  ON cancer_output AS modeldata DIMENSION
  InputColumns ('clumpthickness', 'uniformityofcellsize',
                'uniformityofcellshape', 'marginaladhesion',
                'singleepithelialcell', 'barenuclei','blandchromatin',
                'normalnucleoli', 'mitoses')
  HiddenLayers ('10')
  Accumulate ('samplecode', 'class')
) ORDER BY samplecode;