16.20 - Application Development in the Teradata Environment - IBM CICS Interface for Teradata

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata® Reference

IBM CICS Interface for Teradata
October 2018
Programming Reference

Customer-written CICS application programs may use one of the following:

  • Call-Level Interface (CLI), version1 or version2

    At present, two versions of CLI exist. Both have callable routines. In this reference, CLI refers to both CLI version1 (CLIv1) and CLI version2 (CLIv2), unless otherwise stated.

    New applications should use CLIv2. Customers are encouraged to convert existing applications using CLIv1 to CLIv2.

  • Teradata language preprocessors

    At present, two preprocessor versions are supported: Preprocessor1, and the DB2-compatible Preprocessor2. Both translate embedded Teradata SQL statements and preprocessor directives into client language statements that perform the requested functions.

    New applications should use Preprocessor2. Customers are encouraged to convert existing applications using Preprocessor1 to Preprocessor2.

    The CICS Interface is compatible with the CICS/ESA 3.3 storage protection feature, the CICS/ESA 4.1 transaction isolation feature, and the CICS Transaction Server. A CICS transaction can access any number of Teradata Databases using the standard CLI Connect function.