16.10 - SHOWCOMPRESS Enhancements - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Release Summary

Teradata Database
June 2017
Release Notes
The Ferret SHOWCOMPRESS command has two new output display options that provide additional information about table data compression:
  • /S displays the table ID's, table name and subtable ID's of the compressed and uncompressed tables.
  • /L displays the compression state, compression algorithm, compression level, exact compression ratio, exact % of blocks, exact used GB, and exact % of data, in addition to the information provided by the /S option.


  • The new /L display option allows you to determine exactly how much data in a table is compressed and uncompressed, and the exact compression ratio. (The related SHOWBLOCKS command provides only estimates based on a small sample of the table data.)
  • Because the /L option displays the algorithm used to compress the data, you can:
    • Validate that the correct algorithm has been used based on the data types of the table columns
    • Compare the space-saving benefits of different compression algorithms


  • SHOWCOMPRESS /L can require a long time for large systems, because it must traverse each data block to obtain exact compression statistics.

Additional Information

For more information on block-level compression, see Teradata® Database Design.