15.10 - Updating USERMODs - Teradata Tools and Utilities

Teradata Tools and Utilities for IBM z/OS Installation Guide

Teradata Tools and Utilities
August 2016
Enhancements to the client interface modules are periodically packaged and released as PTFs.
  1. When you upgrade the software, run the apply check (APPCHK) JCL described in “Verify a Maintenance Upgrade: ACCCHK,”.This lists any modules that have been customized at your site. Your changes to these modules are regressed when the new software is installed in the SMP apply step.
  2. If the apply check step shows that there are modules to be regressed, run an SMP restore process for those modules.Sample JCL to execute a restore procedure is provided in dbcpfx.PROCLIB.
  3. Run the restore procedure RTUSRMD. The RSTUSRMD procedure deletes any customizations that have been made to that module.
  4. After the restore process, apply the maintenance upgrade to the software, customize the updated module for your site, and install the customizations using SMP.