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XML Publishing

XML publishing is the process of formatting the results of an SQL query as XML. SQL query results are mapped to an XML format according to a mapping specification provided by the user.

To publish XML from Teradata Database, perform the following tasks:

1 Define the SQL query whose output you want to publish as XML.

2 Define a mapping from the SQL query results to the desired XML structure.

3 Store the mapping so that it can be easily referenced, for example, in a stylesheet repository table.

4 Call one of the XML publishing stored procedures (XMLPUBLISH or XMLPUBLISH_STREAM) with the following arguments:

  • The SQL query you defined in step 1
  • The mapping you saved in step 3
  • For details, see “XMLPUBLISH” on page 105 and “XMLPUBLISH_STREAM” on page 107.

    You define the XML publishing mapping as an XSLT stylesheet that defines a transformation from the canonical representation of the query result to the desired XML output structure. For details on defining a mapping for XML publishing, see “Mapping SQL Query Results to an XML Format” on page 102.

    If you pass NULL as the Xslt (mapping definition) argument to XMLPUBLISH or XMLPUBLISH_STREAM, the stored procedures will return the canonical XML representation as output. For details about the canonical XML representation, see “Canonical XML Publishing” on page 102.