Hardware Placement Guidelines for Raised Floor and Open Return Environment - Data Mart Appliances

670 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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June 2015
Product Guide
Recommended Front-to-Front Hardware Placement on Raised Floor and Open Return Environment

Cabinet alignment Teradata hardware cabinets are designed to take in conditioned supply air or chilled air in the front, pass it over the internal heat dissipating components, and exhaust it from the rear. All hardware cabinets must be installed front-to-front (rear-to-rear).
Cold aisle width , where the fronts of two rows of cabinets face each other. Perforated floor panels or floor grills must fill the cold aisles. To meet the cold air delivery requirements for a Teradata system, wider aisle width in cold aisles may be necessary to accommodate more perforated floor panels or floor grills. All of the following must be considered in determining how to meet the environmental specifications, specifically the recommended temperature and relative humidity ranges:
  • number of perforated tiles in cold aisle
  • type of perforated floor panels (opening percentage)
  • temperature of conditioned air