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The DateTimeFormat DSN option, which enables switching between ANSI time mode and Integer time mode, has been deprecated.

The Integer time mode is an ODBC implementation for database versions not supporting ANSI TIME types. The Integer time type is stored as an INTEGER with format HH:MM:SS and the ODBC driver emulates TIME types by mapping TIME to and from the INTEGER type. Integer time mode is only supported by Teradata ODBC and only for tables and views created and accessed through ODBC.

In the future, Integer time mode will be removed for compatibility reasons, in particular to allow tables and views created through ODBC to be correctly accessed by other Teradata client tools. Integer time is no longer the default when creating new DSNs. Support for existing tables with Integer time columns will be maintained for a period, but will be unavailable in ODBC Driver for Teradata 16.0.

The recommended settings are either IAA (default), or the AAA format. For information about finding this option on Linux/UNIX or Apple OS X, see Table 23 on page 66. For information about finding this option on the Windows system, see Table 12 on page 41.