15.10 - CALL to EXEC Conversion (deprecated in 14.10) - ODBC Driver for Teradata

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ODBC Driver for Teradata
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By default, CALL statements are considered as the SQL for MACRO execution, and the statements are converted to EXEC with the ODBC driver. The CallSupport or DisableCALLToEXECConversion keywords are currently available to disable conversion of CALL statements to EXEC, so the statements are handled as CALL statements for stored procedure execution.

This feature was originally designed for earlier versions of ODBC, and will be deprecated in a future release.

The default setting has been changed from no to yes. It is strongly advised to retain the default CallSupport or DisableCallToExecConversion setting of yes for best compliance with the ODBC specification, and to prepare for the removal of this option in a future release.