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ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide

ODBC contains release independent directories which are denoted by the upper case names ODBC_32 and ODBC_64.

Their sub-directories are symbolic links to the respective 32-bit and 64-bit Teradata Tools and Utilities release directories installed during the installation of the current ODBC.

ODBC_32 and ODBC_64 contain their respective odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files which are free of any use of a Teradata Tools and Utilities release path. It is required that these templates be used when setting up the odbc.ini with the desired DSN settings. Otherwise, the user will be continuously updating the .ini files when different Teradata Tools and Utilities releases are installed. In particular, the path values in the odbc.ini template for InstallDir and Driver must be the ones defined in the template; they cannot be modified.

Whenever a new Teradata Tools and Utilities release is installed, the sub-directories are updated with the new symbolic links.

Table 4 shows the release-independent directories.

On UNIX or Linux systems, the Teradata Tools and Utilities installation includes an option to uninstall previous versions of existing Teradata Tools and Utilities software. The previous version must be uninstalled before installing ODBC Driver for Teradata This does not apply to efixes, because efixes are installed as an upgrade.

For information about installing operating system-specific utilities, see the documentation listed in “Related Documentation” on page 6. Depending on the Teradata Tools and Utilities version installed, the actual value represented by <Teradata Tools and Utilities> might display as the version number.


Table 4: Release Independent ODBC Directories 



include -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/include\

lib -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/lib\

locale -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/odbc_32/locale\



include -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/include

lib -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/lib64

locale -> /opt/teradata/client/<TTU version>/odbc_64/locale\