15.10 - DSN options to disable prepare of statements - ODBC Driver for Teradata

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ODBC Driver for Teradata
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The ODBC driver has two options to disable prepare of statements executed through SQLExecDirect.

The DisablePrepare DSN option was added prior to “B” mode execution being available in the database in order to save a round trip at the cost of missing column metadata like for example the column name. Prior to the “B” mode execution which is combining prepare and execute in a single request the driver sent a separate prepare request and execute request for a result set generating statement.

The SQLWithCommentsOrParenthesis DSN option provides an alternative way to disable prepare. If set to Yes then SQL request statements enclosed in parentheses or preceded by ANSI or Teradata comments are not prepared prior to execution, and no column information is returned for the result set.

It is strongly recommended to use the default settings, which is to prepare SQL requests issued through SQLExecDirect combining prepare and execute requests into a single request.