15.10 - Verifying Connection to the Teradata Database - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide

Verify that the client system can connect over TCP/IP to the server. Use connection test program tdxodbc located in /library/application support/Teradata/client/<TTU version>/bin.

The sample test program can take the ODBC DSN name, database user-id, and password as input and establish a connection to the database. It can take basic SQL request input from the user, submit it to the database, and display the results. In addition to verifying connection to the Teradata database, tdxodbc can also determine whether or not the ODBC driver has been loaded correctly and report if there are any missing, required libraries.

Use this command to see the usage syntax of the test program:

/library/application support/Teradata/client/<TTU version>/bin/tdxodbc -h