15.10 - DSN Tracing - ODBC Driver for Teradata

ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide

ODBC Driver for Teradata can provide detailed trace information for DSNs associated with Teradata Database. This is referred to as DSN tracing to contrast it with the higher level Driver Manager tracing, which is enabled and disabled using the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

The DSN trace file is a text file with internal information from ODBC Driver for Teradata about API calls, message transfers, and other driver actions. It is primarily intended for use by Teradata Technical Support.

DSN tracing is enabled or disabled for all DSNs associated with Teradata Database. The tracing is enabled and controlled by environment variables as described in the following table.


Table 16:  Environment Variables for DSN Tracing

Environment Variable


ODBCTRACE=<Path name of trace file>

The path name of the trace file that is created by ODBC Driver for Teradata. If not set, no trace will be generated.

ODBCTRACESIZE=<Max size of trace file>

The maximum size of the trace file in bytes. If the maximum is reached, the file is rewritten from the beginning.

Default value: 1000000.

Valid range: 10000 to 999999999.

The default is used if no value, an illegal value, or a value outside the valid range is specified.

Note: Using DSN tracing can significantly degrade performance.

Environment variables can be set for a single user or all users on the Windows system using the Environment Variables selection in the Advanced tab of the Control Panel.

Environment variables can also be set using the SET command in a command prompt window. For example, enter:

SET ODBCTRACE=C:\tmp\odbctrace.txt