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To bind to LDAP, Teradata Viewpoint authentication must know the DN of User1. When logging in, User1 presents a corporate username, which is usually part of the DN. Using the following DN as an example:
CN=<<USERNAME>>,OU=User Accounts,DC=td,DC=acme,DC=com
  1. If the corporate username for User1 is joec and the username is in the DN, perform a DN pattern bind.
  2. If the corporate username for User1 is customerjoe, which is the sAMAccountName attribute from the LDIF snippet below, the username is not in the DN.
    DN: CN=joec,OU=User Accounts,DC=td,DC=acme,DC=com
    CN: joec
    givenName: Joe
    SN: Customer
    telephoneNumber: +1 888 555 6789
    telephoneNumber: +1 888 555 1232
    mail: [joe.customer@acme|mailto:joe.customer@acme].com
    sAMAccountName: customerjoe
    objectClass: inetOrgPerson
    memberOf: CN=Sales,OU=Groups,DC=td,DC=acme,DC=com
    memberOf: CN=DBA,OU=Groups,DC=td,DC=acme,DC=com
  3. Search the LDAP tree for a user entry where the attribute matches the username value presented by User1.