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Teradata® Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Viewpoint
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October 2021
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Viewpoint Configuration:

  1. Connect to Teradata Viewpoint instance through SSH. For example: ssh <user>@<ip>
  2. Run the command sudo su -
  3. Stop Teradata Viewpoint service if it has started using the command service viewpoint stop
  4. Install PingFederate certificate in the Viewpoint Keystore
    1. Go to cd /opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin
    2. Locate the file ./downloadAndInstallCert.sh [hostname] [hostport] <alias> [aliasname] - (e.g ./downloadAndInstallCert.sh login.qacustomer.teradata.com 443 pingcert), to install the PingFederate certificate in the Viewpoint keystore and establish a secure communication between both Viewpoint and PingFederate Systems
  5. Edit the identityProvider.properties and provide the PingFed details.
    1. Go to cd /etc/opt/teradata/viewpoint/
    2. Edit identityProvider.properties and change properties as shown in the image: identity_provider.png
  6. Use the command service viewpoint start to start Teradata Viewpoint service
  7. Check for The integration with identity provider is completed log message in /var/opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs/viewpoint.logThis log message indicates that PingFederate is successfully configured.
  8. For a clustered environment, repeat these steps on standby host.
  9. To configure an already clustered environment, restart Viewpoint on all clustered hosts.