Set Up Notifications of Failures and Promotions | Teradata Viewpoint - 17.10 - Setting Up Notifications of Failures and Promotions - Teradata Viewpoint

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October 2021
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When Teradata Viewpoint detects a situation that requires the attention of a Teradata Viewpoint Administrator, an email can be sent to a configured list of recipients. Emails are sent for the following conditions:
  • Active DCS is down
  • Active DCS is restored
  • Active cache database is down
  • Active cache database is restored
  • Cache database replication is not working
  • Standby cache database is promoted

The list of email recipients can be configured at the time the cluster is created or modified at a later time by selecting option 5 in the cluster setup tool. Email alerts are sent using the configuration specified in the Alert Setup portlet.

You can test if the notifications are working by triggering an alert.

  1. Stop the active DCS.
  2. After 3 minutes, restart the DCS.
    An email is sent for the active DCS that is failing and another one for the active DCS that is recovering. The standby DCS must be up and running for the alerts to be sent.