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The /etc/init.d directory on the Teradata Viewpoint server contains scripts that allow you to manage Teradata Viewpoint services using the following commands.
Command Description
start Starts the service. If the service is already running, a new instance is not started.
stop Stops the service. The script completes successfully even when the service is not running.
restart Stops and starts the service.
status Checks if the service is running.
The Teradata Viewpoint services that can use these commands are:
  • camalert
  • dcs
  • postgresql
  • tdactivemq
  • tmsmonitor
  • viewpoint
The following are examples of using the commands.
Action Example
Starting the Teradata Alert service /etc/init.d/camalert start
Stopping the Teradata Viewpoint service /etc/init.d/viewpoint stop
Restarting the PostgreSQL service /etc/init.d/postgresql restart
Checking the Teradata Viewpoint server monitor status /etc/init.d/tmsmonitor status

The script, located in the same directory, allows you to run the start, stop, restart and status commands. When running start, stop, or restart, the script performs the specified action on the tdactivemq, camalert, tmsmonitor, dcs, and viewpoint services. When running status, you receive the status of all commands for all the services including postgresql.

/opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/ command

Where command is the command you want to perform using the script.

This script supports the same command arguments as the individual init.d scripts.