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October 2021
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You can configure the standby cache database to be promoted automatically to become the active cache database when the active cache database becomes unavailable. A server co-located with the Teradata Viewpoint server hosting the active cache database prevents automatic promotions occurring as the result of temporary network outages. If the active and standby Viewpoint servers are separated by a WAN, a third server that is co-located with the active Teradata Viewpoint server is required.
  1. Download the vpclustermonitor package.
  2. Install the package on a co-located server:
    • rpm -ivh vpclustermonitor-16.50.xx.xx.rpm (for 16.50)
    • rpm -ivh vpclustermonitor-16.20.xx.xx.rpm (for 16.20)
  3. Run the vpclustermonitor setup script:
  4. Answer the questions about which server is hosting the active cache database and which server is hosting the standby cache database.
  5. When the setup script completes, you can tail the vpclustermonitor log file to make sure monitoring of the active cache database has started:
  6. [Optional] Configure email alerts to provide notification when an automatic promotion occurs.