Migrate Teradata Viewpoint to a New Server | Teradata Viewpoint - 17.10 - Migrating Teradata Viewpoint to a New Server - Teradata Viewpoint

Teradata® Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

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October 2021
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PrerequisiteThe Teradata Viewpoint software version on the new server must be equal to the version on the current Viewpoint server. A local backup must be available on the current server.
  1. Create a backup of the source server.
    See Backup Now in Scheduling Viewpoint Backups.
  2. If there are custom certificates on the source server, install the certificates on the target server.
    To install a certificate, see the Certificates portlet.
  3. If any configuration files were modified on the source server, make the changes on the target server.
    Optional files are pg_hba.conf from /opt/teradata/viewpoint/pg94-packages, activemq.xml from /opt/teradata/tdactivemq/apache-activemq, and /etc/opt/teradata/viewpoint/viewpoint.properties.
  4. To migrate historical data, copy all files from /data/backup on the source server to the same location on the target server.
  5. On the target server, run the /opt/teradata/viewpoint/bin/restore.sh script and select the Migrate from another server option.
  6. Validate that the script has completed successfully.
    Look for the message: Restore or migration performed successfully. If historical data is also being restored or migrated, progress of this operation can be viewed in the portal's notification bar.
    If the restoration process failed, an error message is displayed.
  7. If the migration process fails or is interrupted, contact support at Teradata.