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October 2021
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Some analyze job options require that Teradata Database query logging (DBQL) features be enabled. For the analyze job options that you plan to use, you must enable the associated database feature prior to running the job.
  1. Depending on which method you choose to evaluate statistics, select one of these procedures:
    Method Procedure
    Evaluate stat usage and staleness and find missing stats to collect


    Use DBQL

    Enable query logging with the STATSUSAGE option for the objects being analyzed. XMLPLAN is optional.
    The query logging features should be enabled for at least one week prior to running the analyze job. See "Teradata Database Prerequisites for Analyze Jobs" in Teradata® Viewpoint User Guide.
    Evaluate stats to determine if they should be collected or deactivated Enable query logging with the USECOUNT option for the objects being analyzed.
    The query logging feature should be enabled, prior to running the analyze job, for a period of time that is equal to the period specified in the Recommend stats for deactivation when inactive for option.