Add Teradata Viewpoint Servers to a Cluster Using a File - 17.10 - Adding Teradata Viewpoint Servers to a Cluster Using a File - Teradata Viewpoint

Teradata® Viewpoint Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade Guide for Customers

Teradata Viewpoint
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October 2021
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You can now add servers to a cluster using a file and support more end users.

  1. On the active cache database, copy
  2. Change owner.
    chown viewpoint:viewpoint /etc/opt/teradata/viewpoint/
  3. Edit the file and provide the following:
    Property Description Active Viewpoint IP/hostname
    active.database.user User to connect to active viewpoint. For example: root Standby Viewpoint IP/hostname
    standby.database.user User to connect to standby viewpoint. For example: root
    standby.database.password ssh password to connect with standby.database.user
    • standby.database.password can be left blank and instead be set as an environment variable.

      export STANDBYDBPWD=<password>

    • To unset,

      unset STANDBYDBPWD

    keyfile.path If keyfile based communication is supported, provide path
    email.addresses Set email address of alert recepients as comma-separated. For example:,
    disable.cluster Set to:
    • false - to enable cluster
    • true - to disable cluster
  4. Run the following command on the server that is currently hosting the active cache database: