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February 2018
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Weight and Dimensions

  • Weight - 17.87 kg (39.4 lb)
  • Height - 4.2 cm (1.67 in.)
  • Width - 43.8 cm (17.24 in.)
  • Depth - 70.5 cm (27.75 in.)

Chassis Features and LEDs

Intel R1208WT Chassis Features and LEDs (Front)

Item Description
A Chassis label pull-out tab
B DVD drive
C Control panel (see Control Panel Features and LEDs)
D Hard drives
Intel R1208WT Chassis Features and LEDs (Rear)

Item Description
A Power supply modules (PS1 on left, PS2 on right)
Power supply LED:
  • Off = no AC power to either power supply module
  • Solid green = power supply is operational; power supply DC outputs are on and operating normally
  • Blinking green = AC power is present; power supply is off and standby outputs are on
  • Solid amber = no power to this power supply module; power failure (includes over voltage, over temperature); power supply failure
  • Blinking amber = power supply is operational with warning conditions (includes high temperature, high power, high current, high fan)
B Adapter slots
C I/O module ports
D Remote management module (RMM4) NIC port
E Node locator LED, located on baseboard (see Control Panel Features and LEDs)
F Node status LED, located on baseboard (see Control Panel Features and LEDs)
G USB ports
H Serial port A
I Video connector
L AC power inlets

Control Panel Features and LEDs

Item Description
A Node locator button with integrated LED
B NMI button (recessed, tool required for use)

When the NMI button is pressed, it puts the node in a halt state for diagnostic purposes and allows the issuance of a non-maskable interrupt. After issuing the interrupt, a memory download can be performed to determine the cause of the problem.

C NIC 2 activity LED
D Hard drive activity LED:
  • Blinking green (random blink) = activity
  • Off = no activity
E Power button with integrated LED
  • Solid green = powered on
  • Blinking green = sleep (not used during normal operation)
  • Off = powered off

This button powers the node on/off.

In standard operation, node power is controlled through Server Management Client functions. The power button does NOT completely remove AC power from the node; you also must disconnect the AC power cords from the node chassis.
F Node status LED
LED indicates node status when node is receiving utility power, but has not yet been powered on, or has not yet finished booting:
  • Solid green = normal operation
  • Blinking green = degraded operation
  • Solid amber = critical or non-recoverable condition
  • Blinking amber = non-critical condition
  • Green/amber, alternating = not ready
  • Off = POST/node stopped

Node status LEDs are located on the control panel (front of chassis) and the baseboard (rear of chassis).

G Reset button

This button reboots and initializes the node.

H NIC 1 activity LED