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680 Platform Hardware Replacement Guide for Customers

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February 2018
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  1. Return to Server Management Client and, in the Replace FRU window, click Ok. The software verifies that drive reconstruction is initiated.
    If any problems are encountered, notify Teradata Customer Support. Use a contact method that is in accordance with your service contract. If your system is not set up with Automatic Incident Creation (AIC), log on to and initiate or update an incident. If your system is set up with AIC, close the maintenance window and add a comment.
  2. In the FRU Replace window, click Ok. The software checks that the firmware version on the replacement drive is the same as the other installed drives.
    If a message appears indicating that the firmware versions do not match, click Yes to continue with the FRU replace procedure.

    Although Teradata recommends that all storage drives have the same firmware version, having different firmware versions on the replacement drive and installed drives may not negatively affect system operation. Perform firmware updates during the next scheduled maintenance window. The Teradata Database must be down during the update. If necessary, coordinate with the CSR to schedule a time to perform the update.

  3. If the Locator LED Enabled dialog box is displayed, click Disable, then click Ok in the Disable Locator LED Success dialog box.
  4. Close the maintenance window:
    1. In the Server Management Client window, click the Overview tab.
    2. In the Maintenance Windows pane, click the Active tab.
    3. Find the relevant maintenance window, then click the icon associated with it.
    4. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete.
  5. Add a comment to the summary alert:
    1. In the Server Management Client window, select the Summary Alerts tab. A list of summary alerts appears.
    2. Locate the appropriate summary alert.
    3. On the right side, click the three-bar icon.
    4. Select Add Comment. The Comments window appears.
    5. You must add entries in both the Author and the Comment boxes.
    6. Click Submit. The comment is attached to the summary alert.
  6. Clear the summary alert:
    1. Click the Summary Alerts tab.
    2. On the right side of the summary alert, click the three-bar icon.
    3. Click Clear Summary Alert.
  7. At the front of the cabinet, attach the front panel of the drive enclosure by placing your hands on the indentations on each side of the vented area and snapping it onto the drive enclosure.

  8. Click Ok.
  9. When the Replace FRU confirmation dialog box appears, click Ok to close the FRU replacement session in Server Management Client.