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6800 Platform Product and Site Preparation Guide

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February 2018
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The customer is responsible for repacking the equipment when repacking is necessary.

  1. Refer to the figures in Uncrating a Cabinet, if needed, during this procedure.
  2. Orient the container so the front side (the side where the panel labeled RAMP will be attached) is facing the cabinet. This requires at least 3.7 m (12 ft) of clearance area in front of the container. The width required in front is 1.8 m (6 ft).
  3. Attach the ramp to the front of the pallet using the rectangular metal brackets. Secure the ramp using four of the 3/8-inch x 1 1/4-inch long bolts, and four 1-inch flat washers (that held the shipping bracket to the pallet). There are 3/8-inch Tee nuts in both the pallet and the ramp. Make sure the ramp is securely fastened to the pallet.
  4. Make sure adequate help is available to support the unit at the front and the rear.
    A fully configured cabinet is very heavy.
  5. Position the cabinet so that its front goes up the ramp first.
  6. Position one person at the front of the cabinet to help guide the unit while two other people at the rear slowly roll it up the ramp and onto the container.
  7. Bolt the shipping brackets on the front and rear of the cabinet and pallet.
  8. Replace the plastic bag, and protective foam collars from top and middle.
  9. Attach the side and rear panels of the shipping container with spring clips.
  10. Attach the other side panel with spring clips.
  11. Unbolt the ramp and carefully raise it to vertical and secure with spring clips.
  12. Install the top of the container, to secure the ramp in the vertical position.
  13. Install new banding on the outside of the container.