15.00 - Getting Established as a User - Interactive Teradata Query Facility

Interactive Teradata Query User Guide

Interactive Teradata Query Facility
User Guide

Getting Established as a User

Before logging on to the Teradata DBS, you normally need:

  • A username
  • Your username is a unique identification (often your own name) that enables the Teradata DBS to recognize you as a user.

  • A password
  • Your password is used to authenticate your username. It should be kept secret to prevent someone else from accessing data under your username.

    In some cases, you may also need:

  • An account number
  • This identifier is associated with your username and is used for accounting purposes.

  • A tdpid
  • If your organization has a number of Teradata Database systems that are used through the client computer to which your terminal is attached, a tdpid identifies which of the Teradata Database systems you wish to use for your session. if there is a single Teradata DBS attached to the client computer, a tdpid is not needed.