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Teradata Aster® Client Release Notes

Aster Client
May 2017
Release Notes

Issue: BH-10066

Details: The Aster Execution Engine does not support compressed tables or indexes. When COMPRESS is used with any of the statements above, it is ignored and the table or index will not be compressed. Consequently, when NOCOMPRESS is used with ALTER statements, it will also have no effect.

The only types of persistence the Aster Execution Engine supports are TEMPORARY and ANALYTIC. Parent/child partitioning via inheritance is not allowed with TEMPORARY or ANALYTIC tables. The INHERITS clause of CREATE TABLE is used to request parent/child partitioning via inheritance. The INHERIT and NO INHERIT clauses of ALTER TABLE are used to establish or remove parent/child partitioning via inheritance. When INHERITS or INHERIT are used in Aster Execution Engine, an error will be raised as shown:

ERROR: inheritance with analytic tables is not supported.
ERROR: inheritance with temporary tables is not supported.

Since there can be no parent/child partitioning via inheritance, when NO INHERIT is used with the ALTER TABLE statement, an error will be raised:

ERROR: relation “<parent table>" is not a parent of relation “<child table>"

In Aster Execution Engine, tables are created as ANALYTIC by default. Columnar storage is not supported with ANALYTIC tables. When the STORAGE COLUMN clause is used with CREATE TABLE or ALTER statements and the table is an ANALYTIC table, the clause is ignored and Row storage is used instead.