Deployer 3.01 - Removing VMs - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
Deployer 3.01
January 2018
If the target VMs are installed on a system that is not connected to the Internet, you must revoke licenses before using this procedure. See Revoking a License for Sites without Internet Access.
  1. Open a VMware vSphere PowerCLI shell version 5.5 or later.
  2. Type the following command from the PowerCLI prompt to connect to the vCenter that manages the ESXi hosts that are running the Teradata Database VMs: connect-VIServer -server
  3. Navigate to the directory containing the Teradata Database on VMware deployment executable file (C:\mylocation\Teradata_Deployer\).
  4. Power on the VMs by running tdc.deploy.exe followed by the poweron command:
    .\tdc.deploy.exe -commonITproperties 
    -nodeITproperties poweron
  5. Run tdc.deploy.exe, using the properties files originally used to deploy the VMs:
    .\tdc.deploy.exe -commonITproperties 
  6. At the prompt, type removevms. The removevms task performs two tasks in sequence before removing the VMs: revoke_license and poweroff. By default, the revoke_license task requires Internet access. If the target system is not connected to the Internet, an error will appear unless you have followed the steps in Revoking a License for Sites without Internet Access.