Deployer 3.01 - Networking Considerations - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
Deployer 3.01
January 2018

Teradata Database on VMware supports local virtual switches so each ESXi host must have local virtual switches for the BYNET, Server Management and DSC network. The BYNET and DSC virtual switches must have maximum transmit unit (MTU) values of 9000 to achieve maximum performance. The BYNET MTU size in the operating system is automatically set to 9000.

If you are deploying a high-performance Teradata MPP production system, all virtual switches must be on their own physical network, connecting the ESXi hosts in the same way as a physical system. If you are deploying a low-performance development and test system, the virtual adapters can be placed on the same physical network. However, using an MTU value of 9000 may cause issues on subnets that are trying to use a different size MTU. Although performance is reduced, we recommend keeping the BYNET and DSC at an MTU value of 9000 and placing them on the same physical network.

All virtual nodes require static IP addresses.