Deployer 3.01 - Specifying Administrators of the Host Server - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
Deployer 3.01
January 2018
To allow only certain users to administer a Teradata VM host server in a shared virtual environment, you must add those users as administrators of the datacenter that you defined when adding the server to vCenter as part of preparing the node.
  1. Open vSphere Client.
  2. Log in to the vCenter Server associated with the Teradata VM host server.
  3. In the tree view, click the branch for the datacenter containing the Teradata VM host server.
  4. Click the Permissions tab.
  5. In a blank area of the tab, right-click, then select Add Permission. The Assign Permissions window appears.
  6. Under Assigned Role, select Administrator.
  7. Under Users and Groups, click Add. The Select Users and Groups window appears.
  8. From the Domain list, select the active directory where the accounts for the users who you want to designate as administrators exist.
  9. In the list pane, select the applicable users or groups.
  10. Click Add.
  11. Click OK. The Select Users and Groups window closes and the Permissions tab reflects the selected users or groups.