Deployer 3.01 - Configuring Internal Storage for a Dell System - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
Deployer 3.01
January 2018
  1. Before running the script, which configures the internal storage, you must configure the iDRAC on the Dell system. See the documentation that is specific to your Dell server.
  2. Ensure the server is running firmware at the following minimum versions or later.
    Node Bios iDRAC USC Lifecycle Controller IDSDM
    R720XD 2.0.19 1.57.57 Not applicable Not applicable
    R730XD 1.2.10 Not applicable 0.15
  3. Configure the iDRAC. The iDRAC login and password you use must have privileges for the script to run correctly or you can change the default password for the login used to connect to the iDRAC.
  4. Install remote RACADM on the PC where the script is run. For more information, search the Dell TechCenter for RACADM Command Line Interface for DRAC.
  5. Run the script.
    The script may reboot the server that is being configured.
    The script creates RAID-1 virtual disks on the Dell internal storage and can also be used to print and validate the settings of the existing storage configuration and Dell virtual disks based on recommended settings.