Deployer 3.01 - PowerCLI Commands for Teradata Database on VMware - Teradata Database on VMware

Teradata Database on VMware Base, Advanced, Enterprise Tiers Getting Started Guide

Teradata Database on VMware
Deployer 3.01
January 2018

The table below describes the PowerCLI commands for Teradata Database on VMware that are referenced in this guide. Commands are sometimes referred to as states.

The deploy command runs a script that performs a full deployment. The script sequentially runs all of the commands listed except for revoke_license, poweroff, and removevms.

The following commands are laid out in the order they are to be executed. We recommend you follow the order in which the steps are listed. For troubleshooting purposes, most commands can be run independently if needed.

Command Description
deploy Deploys a single-node or MPP system using a and files.
confirmation Displays a single-node or MPP system described in the properties files.
activate_license Generates a license for the requested system.
clone Clones new VMs from the template provided.
cpu_memory Adjusts the CPU and memory on each VM.
public_adapters Connects the public adapters to each VM.
bynet_adapters Connects the BYNET adapters to each TPA VM for MPP systems.
cmic_adapters Connects the CMIC adapters to each VM if necessary.
dsu_adapters Connects the DSC adapters to each VM if necessary.
storage Attaches the database virtual storage to each VM.
poweron Powers up the VMs.
vmtools Verifies the VMware tools are running.
copyfiles Creates miscellaneous files and transfers them into each VM.
network Configures the network for each VM.
reboot Reboots all the VMs.
ntp Configures NTP on all VMs.
configure Runs Teradata PUT (TDput) which configures the Teradata system to initialize the Teradata Database.
mainframe Sets TCHN to connect to the mainframe over TCP/IP.
dsu Runs scripts to configure DSC.
viewpoint Runs scripts to configure the Viewpoint server.
cmic Runs scripts to configure the CMIC.
dbs_flags Sets up Teradata Database flags for features such as Columnar, Temporal, and so on.
os_password Changes the root passwords of VMs.
dbc_password Changes the DBC password of the TPA VMs.
harden_security Secures a deployed system.
validation Runs validations only.
monitored_system Adds one or more Teradata systems to the Viewpoint monitored systems list.
add_adapter Adds a network adapter to VMs.
identify Displays the System Info for licensing purposes.
revoke_license Revokes existing license.
poweroff Powers off all VMs.
removevms [Use this command with caution] Revokes the license, powers off the systems, and removes the VMs.