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Teradata Preprocessor2 (SPP Prefix) Messages

Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL
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June 2020
Programming Reference

-804 Incorrect value in RDTIN

Possible Cause

The execution environment has been passed an invalid value in the current RDTIN structure. The nature of the error is indicated by the value in SQLERRD.

Possible Solution

The RDTIN structure is generated by the precompiler. If SQLERRD = 1, the RDTIN version is incorrect for use with the level of the runtime; if SQLERRD = 2, an invalid call type has been passed in the RDTIN; if SQLERRD = 3, an invalid RDTIN extension area has been passed to the runtime.Verify the application has not changed the value assigned by the precompiler. Support intervention may be required to determine the source of this error.