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July 2021
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All TDGSS mechanisms contain a group of properties that define mechanism function, based on the values of the properties.

Property values have the following characteristics.
  • All property values must appear in the TDGSS configuration files in double quotation marks, that is: property=“value
  • Many properties, such as MechanismEnabled, are common to all mechanisms. Others are only meaningful for some mechanisms.
  • All properties have a default value.
  • Many properties allow only a yes or no value to indicate whether or not the mechanism supports the property function.
  • For some properties, you do not need to edit the default property values. For others, the default values are hard coded and editing is not allowed.
  • Many editable properties carry a default value of “”, which may indicate that the property:
    • Has no value.
    • Defers to a default value stored in the system.
You may need to configure a value other than “” to enable certain security functions.

Be sure you fully understand the function of a property, before you consider changing the default property value.

For information about which mechanisms support each property, see Supporting Mechanisms.

For detailed guidelines on editing property values, see About Editing Configuration Files.