Add Role | Assign Role | Teradata Viewpoint - 2.2 - Adding and Assigning Roles - Teradata Vantage

Configuring Teradata Vantageā„¢ After Installation

Teradata Vantage
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January 2021
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English (United States)
  1. From the Viewpoint portal page, select "".
  2. Open the Roles Manager portlet.
  3. Select Add Role.
    You can use spaces, alphanumeric characters, and underscores (_).
  4. [Optional] Select Enable role to activate the role for use in Viewpoint.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. [Optional] Under Portal Permissions, select Enable rewind to view data for a different date and time when available.
  7. [Optional] Under Notifications, select notifications to appear in the portal for users assigned this role.
  8. Select Apply.
  9. From the Roles Manager view, select a role from the list.
  10. Select the Users tab and locate a user.
  11. Select one or more users from the left pane, then click to add users to role.
  12. Select Apply.
  13. Select the Portlets tab, then select all the portlets to include with this role.
  14. Select Apply.
  15. Select the Systems tab, then select all the systems to enable with this role.
  16. [Optional] Select other tabs to specify additional role settings, select Apply.