Change User DBC Password | Teradata Vantage - 2.2 - Changing the Password for User DBC - Teradata Vantage

Configuring Teradata Vantageā„¢ After Installation

Teradata Vantage
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January 2021
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  1. From a client application (such as BTEQ or Teradata Studio), open two different sessions and log on to Vantage as DBC in both sessions. For example:

    where systemname is the primary database node (the name by which the system is known to the network, also called the TDPID).

  2. In both sessions, type the default password, dbc.
  3. In one session, modify the DBC password:
    MODIFY user dbc as PASSWORD = new_password;
  4. Stay logged on to the session with the default password. Log off the session in which you changed the password.
  5. Log on to the session again as DBC using the new password.
  6. When the logon with the new password is successful, log off the session with the default password.