How to Remove Users with CONNECT THROUGH Granted on ML Engine | Teradata Vantage - 2.2 - Removing Users with CONNECT THROUGH Granted on the Machine Learning Engine - Teradata Vantage

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To access the Machine Learning Engine, users must be granted CONNECT THROUGH on the Machine Learning Engine service account (td_ffe_svc_acct). To delete these users, CONNECT THROUGH must be revoked first.

  1. From a client application (such as BTEQ or Teradata Studio), log on to the Vantage system as DBC. For example:
  2. Check if your user has CONNECT THROUGH granted on td_ffe_svc_acct:
    SELECT TrustUser, ProxyUser, ProxyUserType, GrantStatus, WithoutRole from dbc.connectrulesv;
    TrustUser       ProxyUser            ProxyUserType GrantStatus WithoutRole
    --------------- -------------------- ------------- ----------- -----------
    td_ffe_svc_acct hal                  P             G           Y
    td_ffe_svc_acct TDAP_ADMIN           P             G           Y
  3. Revoke CONNECT THROUGH from the user. For example:
    REVOKE connect through td_ffe_svc_acct to permanent hal;
  4. Delete all the tables for the user. For example:
    delete user hal;
  5. Remove the user from the database. For example:
    drop user hal;