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January 2021
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The Crashdumps database holds Advanced SQL Engine memory dumps resulting from unplanned database restarts. Teradata Services can remotely access the Crashdumps database to investigate dumps.
  1. From an administrative client, such as BTEQ, log on as DBC.
  2. If not known, calculate the available permanent database space by running the following SQL request:
    SELECT SUM(MaxPerm) FROM DBC.DiskSpaceV;
  3. Calculate the optimal perm space for the Crashdumps database, which holds three typical dumps per node, using this formula:
    Crashdumps Perm Space = Maxperm * 0.02
  4. Run, for example, the following:
    MODIFY DATABASE Crashdumps as perm = 400E9;
    To make sure there is enough space for crashdump tables, regularly monitor space usage and remove older crashdumps.