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January 2021
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Running queries need temporary work space, called spool space. Teradata strongly recommends creating one large area that all users can draw from called the spool reserve database. This space will never hold data. It should use 20-30% of the maximum permanent space (MaxPerm) held by DBC.

To create the spool reserve database, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on as DBC.
  2. Determine the MaxPerm for DBC by running this request:
    SELECT sum(maxperm)
    FROM DBC.DiskSpaceV WHERE databasename='dbc';
  3. Calculate 20-30% of DBC MaxPerm to use as the perm value in the following step.
  4. Create the spool reserve database:
    create database Spool_Reserve from dbc as perm=12E12;
    where perm=12E12 can be customized for your system.