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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Teradata Tools and Utilities
September 2019
Programming Reference

Workload-pointer is a four-byte field: when the Varying-length-request option is 'N', if Workload-length is non-zero, it contains the address of an EBCDIC character string of that number of bytes, while if Workload-length is zero, Workload-pointer is ignored; when the Varying-length-request option is 'Y', it contains the address of a two-byte unsigned integer containing the number of bytes in an EBCDIC character string followed by that string, and Workload-length is ignored.

Use of Workload requires a Connect-type setting of “C”.

Workload-pointer exists only when DBCHINI had been called for a DBCAREA with Total-length set to at least 640 (that is, the returned DBCAREA Level value is at least 1). For a smaller DBCAREA, Workload-pointer is ignored.

In this language... The variable name for Workload-pointer is...
C, C++ workloadPtr
This routine... Does this for Workload-pointer. . .
DBCHINI writes
Workload-pointer is used by... To...
applications write

The character string provides application information to Teradata Database, which defines its format and meaning. Any non-graphic codepoints are translated to dashes, as are any opening or closing parentheses. The string is prefixed by "WORKLOAD(", suffixed with ")", and added to the LogonSource column of DBC.SessionTbl.

The sum of the lengths used for Workload-pointer and Session-desc-pointer must be less than or equal to one of the following values:

The maximum value is approximately... If Maximum-parcel is set to...
32,725 O
64,493 H
2,147,483,602 H, and Teradata Database supports ExtendedRespond, as indicated by the DBCHQE Extended-response-support query.

The actual maximum may vary slightly with the version of Teradata Database being used; the value may be obtained using the DBCHQE CLIv2-limits query.

However, TDP will reject Connect requests of excessive length, and the length of the LogonSource column is limited by Teradata Database, and TDP will truncate any string that exceeds that length.