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Teradata® Call-Level Interface Version 2 Reference for Mainframe-Attached Systems

Teradata Tools and Utilities
September 2019
Programming Reference

Character-set-pointer is a four-byte field that specifies the address of a 30-byte character set name to be used on the current and subsequent requests and responses. A character set name can only contain characters from the standard EBCDIC character set.

CLIv2 recognizes the following character sets, which have EBCDIC characteristics supplied by Teradata Database:

CLIv2 also recognizes the following character sets, which have ASCII characteristics supplied by Teradata Database:

  • ARABIC1256_6A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • ASCII, defined by IBM code
  • CYRILLIC1251_2A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • HANGUL949_7R0, defined by Microsoft code
  • HANGULKSC5601_2R4, defined by IBM code
  • HEBREW1255_5A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • KANJI932_1S0, defined by Microsoft code
  • KANJIEUC_0U, defined by IBM code
  • KANJISJIS_0S, defined by IBM code
  • LATIN1_0A, defined by IBM code
  • LATIN1250_1A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • LATIN1252_3A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • LATIN1254_7A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • LATIN1258_8A0, defined by Microsoft code
  • LATIN9_0A, defined by ISO/IEC 8859-15
  • SCHGB2312_1T0, defined by IBM code
  • SCHINESE936_6R0, defined by Microsoft code
  • TCHBIG5_1R0 defined by IBM code
  • UTF-8, defined by ISO/IEC 10646
  • UTF-16, defined by ISO/IEC 10646

The characteristics of user-defined character sets are described to CLIv2 using the TRD2XUT utility program. See User-Defined Character Sets for details.

User-defined character sets that have not been described to CLIv2 can be used, but their characteristics (codepoints for Space, Apostrophe, Quotation Mark, Slash, the Substitute control character, any character that appears in a TDPid, and the encoding scheme) are assumed to be the same as for EBCDIC.

Language Variable Name for Character-set-pointer
C, C++ inter_ptr

DBCCSCP is deprecated and should not be used.

Routine Action for Character-set-pointer
DBCHINI writes
DBCHCL reads
Character-set-pointer is used by... To...
applications write