16.10 - Starting and Restarting SCANDISK - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Support Utilities

Teradata Database
June 2017

You can start SCANDISK directly from Filer, from Ferret, or from a supplied Perl script. The process of restarting SCANDISK if it was stopped or aborted during the scan differs depending on how it was started. (You cannot restart SCANDISK if it was started from Ferret.)

When started from Filer, SCANDISK checks the file system structures from the beginning to the end of the SCANDISK job based on the options selected. If SCANDISK is stopped or aborted in the middle of the scan, you normally will have to rerun the job from the beginning, unless you do the following:

  1. Before aborting the SCANDISK job, send an INQUIRE request. For details, see Checking SCANDISK Status.
  2. When you see the output from the INQUIRE command in the application window, manually capture the tid and rowid displayed, then abort the SCANDISK job.

You can restart the aborted SCANDISK job in one of the following ways:

  • Start SCANDISK with the TABLE option, and pass the captured tid and rowid to the TABLE option to indicate the subtable where the scan should restart.
  • Start SCANDISK using the restartscandisk.pl script with the -t option, and pass the captured tid and rowid to the -t option.