16.10 - Revision History - Teradata Database

Teradata Database Support Utilities

Teradata Database
June 2017
Date Release Description
June 2017 16.10
Configuration utility:
  • DEL AMP enhanced to perform "logical" AMP deletions for the purpose of creating contiguous maps containing fewer than all AMPs in system.
  • New DUPLICATE AMP command for changing fallback type of new map.
  • New LIST MAP command.
  • Added mapname option to most LIST commands.
Filer utility:
  • New MAP option for SCOPE command.
  • New MAP command.
Reconfiguration utility:
  • Added information about new Reconfiguration process that uses contiguous maps to reduce time database is offline and unavailable during a system reconfiguration.
  • Added After Reconfiguration section.
  • Deleted information about partial online reconfiguration (POLR). Teradata Database no longer supports POLR.
  • Added information about running AdjustSpace procedure after a reconfiguration that expands the system.
  • Increased maximum number of concurrent reconfig sessions and default (RECONFIG TASK option) from 10 to 15.
December 2016 16.00
Filer utility:
  • New CLEAREIOCACHE command
  • New DIRECTSTORAGE option to DUMPDISK command
  • New SNAPMI command and snapshot MI feature for faster file system startups.
  • SCANDISK uses full cylinder reads by default when scanning [W]DBs if the scanned AMP is offline (down/FATAL) or if the database is not running.

Appendix: Starting the Utilities:

  • Removed discussion of HUTCNS from Starting the Utilities appendix. The HUTCNS utility was discontinued, starting with Teradata Databaserelease 16.00.