16.10 - ADD PE - Teradata Database

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June 2017


The ADD PE command adds a PE or a range of PEs to the new configuration map.


the PE (or range of PEs) that is being added to the new configuration map.
PE vproc numbers start at the high end of their range (30719 or 16383, depending on the system) and decrease consecutively.
HN = nnnn
the host number with which the PE (or PEs) is to be associated.
The host number ranges from 1 to 1023.

Usage Notes

Configuration validates the vproc number and host number. You must add the host number to the new configuration map (through the ADD HOST command) before the PE associated with the host can be described in the new configuration map.

After the ADD PE command is accepted, the specified PE is added to the vproc list, and the system displays:

The PE is added.

If you type the ADD PE command before the BEGIN CONFIG command, the command is ignored, and the system displays:

BEGIN CONFIG is not entered, and ADD PE is ignored.

Example: Adding a PE to a host

To add PE 30715 to host 10, type:

add PE 30715, hn = 10

Example: Adding a range of PEs to a host

To add PEs from vproc 30715 to vproc 30712 in host 282, type:

add PE 30715 - 30712, hn = 282