16.10 - END CONFIG - Teradata Database

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June 2017


The END CONFIG command validates the new configuration map or contiguous map, saves it to disk, and terminates the configuration session. To put your changes into effect, you run the Reconfiguration Utility (reconfig).


Usage Notes

When the END CONFIG command is executed, Config validates the new map.

As a result, one of the these events can occur:

  • Config validates the new configuration and writes the new configuration map to disk. The Config session is terminated. If the new configuration involves creating a new contiguous map, the name of the new map is reported.
  • If you ran the Config utility only to create a new contiguous map containing fewer than the full complement of system AMPs, the map is created and saved to disk, the session is terminated, and Config displays the name of the new contiguous map.
  • The END CONFIG command is ignored if the configuration changes were not valid. Config displays an error that describes the issue. If the configuration utility fails to validate the new map, END CONFIG displays an error that describes the problem, writes no map to disk, and allows you to send more configuration utility commands to fix the problem before resubmitting the END CONFIG command.