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June 2017


The MOVE AMP command specifies that all data rows from an AMP or a group of AMPs are to be moved to another AMP or group of AMPs.


the range of AMP vproc numbers being moved in the configuration.
the range of AMP vproc numbers that mmmlist is being moved to in the configuration.
AMP vprocs are numbered consecutively starting from 0 to a maximum number of 16199.

Usage Notes

The number of AMPs specified in mmmlist and in nnnlist must be the same. The following applies.

AMPs in the … Must be …
mmmlist AMPs defined in the current configuration.
nnnlist new AMPs only.

After the MOVE AMP command is accepted, the system displays:

The AMP range is moved.

If you type the MOVE AMP command before the BEGIN CONFIG command, the command is ignored. the system displays:

BEGIN CONFIG is not entered, and MOVE AMP is ignored.

If you type the MOVE AMP command and the ADD AMP command, and if the MOVE AMP range of vproc numbers is before the ADD AMP range of vproc numbers, Configuration displays:

Moved AMPS must follow added AMPs.

If you type the MOVE AMP command and either the MODIFY AMP command or the DEL AMP command, the commands are ignored. the system displays:

Addition, Deletion, and Moving of AMPS are mutually exclusive.
Run the Reconfig utility to do the following:
  • Redistribute all rows from the moved AMPs
  • Change the configuration so that the moved AMPs are properly associated with the correct nodes and/or disk arrays

For more information on MOVE AMP, see MOVE AMP Operation.

Examples: Moving data from existing AMPs to new AMPs

To move the data on AMP 0 in an existing eight-AMP system to a new AMP 8, type:

move amp 0 to 8

To move the data from AMPs 4 and 5 in an existing eight-AMP system to new AMPs 8 and 9, type:

move amp 4-5 to 8-9