Maximum 324-Node System Configuration - Appliance for Hadoop

Appliance for Hadoop 3 and 4 Platforms Product and Site Preparation Guide

Appliance for Hadoop
March 2018
Product Guide
InfiniBand Network Topology for a Maximum 324-Node System

  • Consists of one or more appliance cabinets, a VMS with SWS VM, plus additional (optional) Platform Framework Cabinets.
  • Scalable up to 324 nodes and TMSs in any combination.
  • Two InfiniBand switch cabinets provide redundant InfiniBand networks (Network-0 and Network-1). Each cabinet contains one 324-port InfiniBand switch.
  • Each 324-port InfiniBand switch contains 1 to 18 leaf boards. Each leaf board supports up to 18 nodes and TMSs. Each switch has 9 spine boards that allow the leaf boards to communicate with each other, and one chassis management board for managing the network.
  • Each node contains a dual port InfiniBand adapter that connects to the InfiniBand switch in each InfiniBand switch cabinet. A TMS may contain a dual port InfiniBand adapter that connects to the switches.
  • Individual optical InfiniBand cables are used to connect nodes and TMSs in expansion cabinets to the InfiniBand switches in each InfiniBand switch cabinet.
  • For port-to-port cabling, see the appropriate Hardware Installation Guide.