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July 2021
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After moving tables to maps or expanding a system, the database space limits may no longer be accurate or reflect the actual space usages. Use the AdjustSpace procedure to re-adjust the space and skew values for a user or database.

ANSI Compliance

This statement is a Teradata extension to the ANSI SQL:2011 standard.


CALL [TDMaps.] AdjustSpace (

Syntax Elements

The name of the database with the maximum permanent space and permanent skew to adjust based on its current usage.
If ‘NULL,’ all databases in the system are considered for adjustment, except for the databases listed in TDMaps.SpaceExcludeDBListTbl.
he percentage of extra buffer space to retain in the database.
If NULL, the default values is fetched from TDMaps.SpaSettingsTbl.
Sets zero skew if all the tables are in same map, and that map is a subset of TD_GLOBALMAP. Valid values are true, false, t, f, and NULL.
Returns success or failure information. Additional output is logged into TDMaps.SpaceLogTbl.