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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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July 2021
  • Added new examples to show the LOCAL line in the PopulateFsysInfoTable mactro output.
  • Added AUTHORIZATION syntax element to READ_NOS.
  • Added READNOS_SCHEMA option to RETURNTYPE syntax element of READ_NOS.
  • Added Google Native Connector support to READ_NOS.
  • Fallback subtables are no longer compressed by default.
  • Updated Azure LOCATION syntax.
  • Updated WRITE_NOS ACCESS_ID and ACCESS_KEY information.
June 2020
  • Updated the Installation of R Components and Packages under R Table Operator to support the R in-database distribution.
  • Updated Setting Memory Limits under SCRIPT to show the steps to configure the ScriptMemLimit field in GDO to limit available memory.
  • Added READ_NOS table operator, which allows access to external files in JSON or CSV format.